Ansarada Virtual Data Room – Detailed Review 2021


The M&A process is very long and requires a maximum investment of effort and time for everything to be successful. But modern technology has nevertheless been able to ease the fate of companies a little bit. So, virtual data rooms have become an indispensable aid during M&A deals, providing companies with numerical advantages. Ansarada Virtual Data Room is a vendor that specializes exclusively in supporting the M&A process, providing useful tools for protection, management, and communication. In this article, we take a closer look at the capabilities of Ansarada.

Ansarada Virtual Data Room – General Features

Ansarada Virtual Data Room is a leading Australian provider that has been on the market since 2005. Ansarada provides services during mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, fundraisers, and tenders. However, according to the vendor itself, they put most of their energy and attention into providing quality services during M&A transactions.  Thus, the company retains the original function of the data room, which was designed only for M&A transactions.

Ansarada’s feature set gives its clients some advantages. Almost all of the functionality is based on artificial intelligence, which allows both parties to close the deal on the most favorable terms for them. The provider’s main goal is to improve the deal-making process, modernize it, and fix the most frequent mistakes. With Ansarada you can focus entirely on the deal itself, not on management and administration issues.

Key Features of Ansarada

Below we will highlight the key features of Ansarada VDR and how exactly they can benefit you during the deal-making process.

  • Deal Workflow – this feature helps the company in managing different projects, with it the administrators can track all the progress of the project so you can always stay informed and correct errors if they occur. Once VDR is up and running, you can manage data and users in real-time
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface – The interface plays an important role in business programs. Users should learn how to use it easily, and do that, it needs to be built as clearly as possible. Ansarada considered the weaknesses of their competitors while working on the display, and ended up with an intuitive and modern interface with easy to use features and a transparent workflow
  • Security and control – security features provide for remote destruction, you can delete information even if it has been downloaded to another device. Besides, space administrators can set permissions on access and interaction with the documents, prohibiting visibility (partial or full) as well as copying, editing, downloading, or forwarding the document
  • Editing – Ansarada eliminates the need for systematic version control as it can recognize images and has a mass editing feature that speeds up the identification and deletion of sample data. The feature is available at no additional charge
  • Automatic reporting – space administrators have access to a complete log of user activity. They can see all their activities including document interactions. Another feature that will help you analyze trades is the Bidder Engagement Index, which allows you to track the degree of investor or bidder engagement with 97% accuracy. So, you can predict in advance the success of your trades and whether it’s worth spending your time on certain clients
  • The Q&A section is a tool for secure communication between parties. A user can ask a question, and others will be notified immediately. A person who relates directly to the question asked can clarify the situation and build the trust and attitude of the parties during transactions. The administrator can set certain limits on the visibility of questions and answers, as well as adjust the number and frequency of questions